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What We Believe

God is here. He is the One God, the creator of everything, our Lord.  In loving generosity, God made people in His own image, which means we can be pretty amazing, filled with creativity and goodness.

Through our own choice, we’re also fundamentally wrecked by sin.

 That means we can be pretty broken people too, using our freedom and creativity to do the wrong thing as often as we do what is right. Sin messes up our relationship with God and with each other, and ultimately leads us to death- spiritually, relationally and physically.

Fortunately for us, God still loves us.  He wasn’t content to let us live and die in brokenness, but sent Jesus Christ, His only Son, to repair our relationship with Him.  Jesus died on the cross so the rest of us could live.  Three days later he was raised again from the dead, proving that God’s love was bigger than our own mistakes and misdeeds.  In love, Jesus paid our debt freely and fully.  That frees us to be a different kind of people now.

God’s love still moves powerfully through us as we accept the way of Jesus and begin living lives of service and giving.  As we accept Jesus’ rule over our lives, we are filled with his love, and find that we are given freedom to love one another as God has first loved us.

It’s not that we don’t make mistakes or have doubts, but we recognize now that God has a plan for us, and that we are still works in progress as He continues to transform us by His grace into something glorious.  God’s Holy Spirit continues to move in us as individuals and as a community.  As we read God’s Word, talk with God in prayer and gather as a family to worship and serve, we are also being transformed from our old selves to a new, more generous, more gracious, more courageous, more loving people who are willing to follow God’s lead in the world.  We know we have a long way to go, but we have faith that God will finish what He has started in us.

God’s gift of loving forgiveness, of gracious reconciliation, of a supportive community, of a living hope, is here for you too.  Come and join our family as together we explore God’s truth and promises.

Our Connections to Other Christians

In 2013, Westminster Presbyterian became a congregation of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, which goes by "ECO." We know, that's not really an acronym! Instead, it represents ECO's commitment to fostering an "ecosystem" of congregations and leaders in covenanted biblical community. The full name speaks to our four major commitments:

  • Covenant:  Connecting leaders in accountable relationships, and ministering out of God’s grace-filled covenant with His people
  • Order:  Committing to a shared way of life, around a shared theological core
  • Evangelical: Advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Presbyterian: Standing within our Reformed and confessional heritage

As excited as we are about being part of ECO, to worship here you don't have to be Presbyterian (or even know how to spell it!). Our members come from many religious backgrounds: Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Mennonite, Pentecostal, you name it. Our teaching arises from the Reformed theological perspective, based solidly on the Bible. Our pastors and officers pledge to uphold our "essential tenets," which you may find by clicking here.